We are pleased to welcome our Director of Finance and Administration, Tamra Perkins! She is responsible for all our Financial Management which encompasses budgeting, accounting, contracts and audits. She will also assist with logistical things like equipment purchases & establishing policies, procedures, and compliance.

-At 8:00AM on a Saturday morning, you can find her watching a Beyblades cartoon with her five year old son. 
-Her favorite garden vegetable is the string bean. She spent many hours as a young girl sitting at her grandmother’s feet snapping beans on a Saturday in preparation for Sunday’s after church meal. 
-A unique fact about her is that she has 17 tattoos. 

FROM TAMRA: I’m looking forward to helping make a difference through educating and spreading the BCFSN movement. Having grown up eating farm fresh vegetables and knowing the benefits of that way of living, it’s important to me for future generations to also know that experience. My husband has health challenges sourced from his unhealthy eating and lifestyle and our oldest son started down that same path. My five-year-old is determined to break the cycle. He’s a vegetarian that loves fruits and vegetables and refuses to eat meat. He wants to stay healthy and live long like his MeMe (my grandmother – she’s 91 and thriving). I want to be like him when I grow up! 


We are also excited to welcome our A.R.C Program Manager, Kalvin Jackson. He is responsible for all A.R.C operations including receiving, loading, inventory, delivery, and packaging. He will coordinate the logistics of farmer’s produce delivery to churches and delivery of produce between churches. The A.R.C program is a food-value chain that creates a direct partnership between Black farmers and churches and opens a niche market for Black farmers that wish to sell produce to churches for institutional purchasing.

His favorite garden tool is the water hose. It’s often overlooked but maybe the most important tool in the garden!
With 1 million dollars, he would buy a house and season tickets to the Ravens and Orioles.
He loves to play the bass guitar, play softball, learn about wine, and spend time with his wife Ashley and dog Jaxon.

This role inspires me because I’m able to create a system that serves my people. Getting nutritional food in communities designed not to have them is a huge task, and having that as my primary role is a huge undertaking. I’m ready to be able to say that Black Church Food Security Network, with the help of Kalvin Jackson, is feeding Black America.


We are pleased to welcome our new Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, Albert Hardy! He will be providing crucial administrative support for our Executive Director, Dr Brown as well as serving as a liaison between the Staff and Dr. Brown.  He will be overseeing projects, softwares and processes that make our organization run smooth and with efficiency.

-His favorite food is Chicken & French Fries.
-On a Friday night, you can find him watching movies & heading to bed early!
-His favorite garden vegetable is Kale and if he had 1 Million Dollars he would be traveling. 

FROM ALBERT: In joining the Black Church Food Security Network, I am looking forward to being a connector!  I am excited to get to know each and every staff member as we work together because I believe relationships are what drives success.  Through this work, I am empowered by the fact that I will be helping to write Black History through our transformational efforts. I am driven also by my family – my wife of 6 years and our 3 year old son, Ace, our 1 year old daughter, Rhyan and our son on the way!  I can’t forget my miniature schnauzer Jax also!


We are pleased to continue to work with our Events Intern, Brahein Richardson! He is a rising senior at Johns Hopkins University. This summer, he had the opportunity to be a part of the Community Impact Internships Program, where he was paired with the Black Church Food Security Network. He will continue his role through the Fall & Spring semesters and we are so fortunate for this work with our Events team and our Director of Events, Linneal Smith.

-His favorite line from a film is from Jurassic Park where the game warden yells “Shoot her, shoot her!” as one of the workers is being attacked by a dinosaur.
-I’m studying Chemistry & Spanish at John Hopkins University.
-I’m currently recapping my experiences at the Soil to Sanctuary Markets on the BCFSN Blog!

FROM BRAHEIN: Working with the Black Church Food Security Network this summer has been a life-changing experience. I think what inspires me most to be a part of this work is knowing that we are a part of a large, but sometimes not always visible community. Many other organizations, nonprofits, people, etc. work in Black food justice and sovereignty for the future. We work together, inspire one another, and support one another. One of my personal goals for my role as a staff member is to continue to flush out the creativity in me for branding, marketing, and brainstorming for social media and events.