This past Wednesday night, I was blessed to be the keynote speaker for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week at Villanova University.  It was my honor to talk about the work of The Black Church Food Security Network and my faith journey.  To top off the night, after my talk I shared with the students that I had 8 boxes full of jam from our dear friend, Herbert Brown, from Browntown Farms in Warfield, Virginia.  I was in the process of inviting students to come to the table to buy my jam, but before I could get it out, the sponsoring campus group decided to buy all of the boxes right there on the spot!  They allowed the students to come up to get a now free jar of jam before leaving for the evening.  Thank you, Villanova!

I am so energized by the way that college students at all the schools that I visit are enthusiastically relating to our mission and joining us in this movement to co-create more just food systems.  Youth and young adults at campuses across the country are recognizing that we must ramp up our efforts to co-create our own food pathways toward health, wealth, and power.

Should you wish to get in on this joyous action by volunteering with us as we spread this good news across the country, please complete this volunteer form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Enjoy this photo gallery and I can’t wait to see you on campus! 🙂


Rev. Dr. Heber Brown, III

Executive Director

The Black Church Food Security Network