Black Farmer Directory

We constantly hear from churches, community groups and corporations about their desire to connect with Black farmers.  We consider it an honor to be a bridge to those who grow and help to feed our community.  However, our commitment to Black farmers goes far beyond the sale.  We believe that transformative relationships are necessary to confront and overcome the kind of discrimination that Black farmers have faced for 100 years.

So while we help groups to buy from Black farmers, we also work to have congregations “adopt” Black farmers; to invest in their farm operations, provide spiritual support, serve as advocates, and be partners far beyond the point of sale.

Toward this end, we invite Black farmers to fill out the form below and have their information shared with the nearly 250 congregations and countless other groups that we work with across the United States.

A network of Black churches organized to advance health, wealth, and power for our people.


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