Earth Day 2020 Webinars
April 16, 2020

Black-led environmental and agricultural organizations from across the country have teamed up to produce two panel presentations on Earth Day 2020 – which is Wednesday, April 22nd. Take a look at the descriptions of the day’s events below. The events are free, but registration is required. We invite you to register for one or both of the webinars. Registration links are beneath each description.

Webinar 1

When White Folks Catch A Cold: A Black Church Huddle on Health & Environmental Justice


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COVID-19 has pulled back the covers on the layers of environmental injustice that confront the African American community.  In many cities across the country, Black people have the highest rates of coronavirus infection, are being forced into health hazards on the job, and are experiencing price gouging at the market and long lines for free groceries.  These scenarios are not new, but how they relate to environmental justice is not always clear.  Join members of the Black Church community on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 – Earth Day – for a conversation designed to inform and ignite action to address the current and coming challenges facing the African American community.

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Webinar 2

Black Green & Traumatized 


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Environmental trauma has lasting and catastrophic impacts on our community. To address this reality, the Center for Food Faith and Justice has joined forces with Green The Church, Seeds for Peace and the Black Church Food Security Network on Earth Day April 22nd @3pm PT/6pm ET, to host a “Black, Green & Traumatized” webinar.  All are impacted by COVID-19, but not equally. The facts are that African Americans are dying at higher rates from this deadly virus than other races. Largely because Black communities face a disproportionate burden of environmental toxins because of where they live, work and worship.  African Americans often appear marginalized in a system that values the natural world while devaluing Black and Brown bodies as part of the created order. This discussion will address the intersection of environmental justice and mental health in the African American community and solutions toward avenues of equity in this era of COVID-19 and climate justice.

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