Poem: God’s Black Breath
The place from which my ancestors came is the place to which I will return.
July 29, 2020
black clouds

Dark Clouds in the Sky by Alex Conchillos at Pexels

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The place from which my ancestors came is the place to which I will return. From the soil, God molded life.
Black Life
Black Life
From the soil, God molded Black Life.

Our bodies are the only vessels capable of holding God’s Breath.
Black don’t crack and that goes beyond aging.
Our bodies are filled with the Divine Power to give life.

Every breath we hold and release is another moment of creation.
Every Black Life lost to unjust murder, captivity, and assault is an attack on God.
How many Pieces of God have attempted to be erased?
How many more Black Lives must be stolen before it is realized that this is a Divine Revolution?

Black People breathe life into creation.
Breathe short breaths through the suffocation of injustice and oppression.
For in our collective breath, we hold the Presence of God.

The Black Church Food Security Network is in the work of building Black food sovereignty and prayer is an essential part of this work. We ask all who read and find themselves able, to say this prayer or lift up their own prayer. The reality of this work is the need for many hands, many voices, partnerships, and movement builders. Join us in this essential work through prayer and action.

Pray, give to the cause, and grow your own food.

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