Through our A.R.C. Program, we help congregations to buy produce or meat from Black farmers and assist with transportation and other logistics to get the food from the farm to the church.

We’re currently focusing on co-creating food supply chains along Interstate 95 from Jacksonville, Florida to Harlem, New York.  We’ll expand to other regions as we learn and grow this program.

A.R.C. is an acronym for “Assembling Our Resources For Community Sustainability.”  This program is inspired by the biblical story of Noah who was obedient to God’s instructions to build an ark because a disastrous flood was on the way. Like Noah, we believe that God has called us to help build the infrastructure needed to withstand the disastrous ramifications of climate change, inflation, food supply chain interruptions, and racial terrorism by organizing Black churches to serve as food hubs, food distributors, and economic engines for more just and locally managed supply chains.

If your church would like to buy in bulk from Black farmers and help us build the A.R.C., please fill out the form below:

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