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The Black Church Food Security Network utilizes an asset-based approach in organizing and linking the vast resources of historically African American congregations in rural and urban communities to advancing food and land sovereignty.

We have connected over
20 Black farmers in 11 states with African American churches and other faith-based institutions.

Black farmers who are listed within our directory benefit from direct access to Black Churches, seminaries, and Christian Denominations, marketing to our national audience, and networking with other farmers.

On the left map, the orange states denote where our farmers are located. The green icons denote where our partnered churches are located.


Register for Grocery Store Gardening

Register for Grocery Store Gardening

Many people would be amazed at how much produce they buy from the grocery store can re-grow at home - saving them money and time. You need not be an expert farmer. You just need a little bit of know-how and you'll be well on your way to growing your own food at home....

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Grocery Store Gardening: Herbs

Can we re-grow herbs from a grocery store? Yes, you can and we will teach you how! Many herbs are able to be regrown through propagation. Propagation is the process of creating new plants from seeds, and cuttings. For most herbs, the quickest way to get more plants is...

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Earth Day 2020 Webinars

Black-led environmental and agricultural organizations from across the country have teamed up to produce two panel presentations on Earth Day 2020 - which is Wednesday, April 22nd. Take a look at the descriptions of the day's events below. The events are free, but...

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Help us organize the strength and advance the physical and spiritual health, economic opportunity and self-determination of the African American community.