Invest In Our Mission

We are on a mission to organize the strength and focus the assets of the Black Church toward advancing health (physical and spiritual), economic opportunity and self-determination in the African American community.

If this resonates with you, we invite your investment in this work. Choose a giving tier (listed below) and donate using the buttons below.


  • $25 – Ready, set, GROW: We’re passing the hat for Black farmers! Help us to create a Black Farmer Fund in order to support our farmers and their enterprises at a premium.
  • $40 – Map it out: Help us to update the national map and database of Black Church land and assets to create food system initiatives around the country, find and fill the gaps, and develop a searchable database for a Black Farmers/Producers directory on our website.
  • $50 – Tell the story: Resource the Black Church Food Security Network’s multimedia documentation project to share the environmental wisdom-stories of our Elders and communities.
  • $70 – Freedom Rides: This summer and beyond, we are building the infrastructure for sustainable food supply chains anchored by Black churches in Black neighborhoods across the country. Help us launch the Black Church Food Security Network CSA program and raise funds for our BCFSN truck, which will deliver fresh produce from our farmers nation-wide.
  • $90 – Build capacity: Help fund BCFSN team training and staffing, in order to equip our network members with knowledge in sustainable growing practices, farm and garden management, fundraising, and church and community engagement.
  • $250 – Hands to the plow: Help our network churches to upgrade their kitchens for food processing, in order to host BCFSN Soil to Sanctuary Markets, bringing Black farmers and the community together.
  • $500 – Get planted on higher ground: Fund a Maxine Nicholas Garden Grant to support the launch or expansion of a garden or agriculture-related initiative on church-owned land through Operation Higher Ground.
  • Choose Your Donation – Eyes on the prize: Sustain the critical work of the Black Church Food Security Network in communities across the country and beyond.