When churches start gardens they run into very predictable problems like:

  • not having a water source
  • not having enough consistent laborers
  • not having seeds
  • not knowing what to grow and when
  • not having sustained support from the congregation
  • not knowing where to start

When the “faithful few” who initially started the garden don’t get the support and answers they need, they eventually “burn out” and the garden goes into decline and eventually becomes completely inactive.

Sound familiar?

This pattern is all too familiar, but The Black Church Food Security Network can help you to bypass these and other obstacles so that your church garden experiences sustained success!

For those in the Baltimore Metro area, join us this Sunday, 5:00PM at Liberty Grace Church of God in West Baltimore.  We’re bringing all of the area church gardens together for free resources, information sharing, and networking.  We’ll lay the foundation for a support group that will strengthen the work of each church garden in our area.  No point in going it alone – let’s come together and support one another in the spirit of unity!