October 6, 2022 marked the 105th anniversary of the birth of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer; one of our patron saints & guiding Ancestors.  Our organization locates ourselves politically in her legacy & hold ourselves accountable by close study of her work and the work of others who have gone before us.
Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer helps to ensure that we don’t drift into becoming a food charity organization or another front for #BlackCapitalism that blindly promotes “buying Black” or “buying back the block” with no commitment to a liberatory analysis rooted in the Black Freedom Struggle or the tradition of radical Blackness.
Food is *still* being used as a political weapon & in honor of #FannieLouHamer we will continue organizing alongside our community until we are no longer pushed around!
Check out this video for more about Fannie Lou Hamer.  If you want to better understand our organization, you must understand those that we come from.