Our organization has never experienced what happened at The Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  This church, which is the historic church of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Family, allowed us free rein for the weekend to provide their members and guests a holistic experience.  We, in turn, created the kinds of events all weekend that took people on a journey toward an approach to food that prompts transformation.  Like many churches, Ebenezer, has been engaged in food charity ministry for decades.  However, Pastor Raphael Warnock and the leadership of the church, are hungry for something more…something different.  We joined hands with this church and laid the foundation for what will come next for this historic congregation.  After a memorable weekend of events for Earth Day and Creation Care Sunday, we came back to the table with their leadership and agreed to what the next chapter will look like.  We are excited to announce that Ebenezer Baptist Church will be one of our hubs for food justice ministry in the Atlanta metro area!  

As a hub, Ebenezer will be a church where we’ll hold regular Soil To Sanctuary Markets, establish partnerships with Black farmers, organize strategic events and mobilize other congregations to join in the movement for food justice!

As we deepen our roots in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia, we ask that you chip in and become a financial partner to this work.  With a staff of just 8 people, we are sparking a national grassroots movement in an unconventional way.  No organization in the country is organizing Black churches for food security and food sovereignty quite like this.  We are pioneering an approach to food justice in Black America that will have positive ripple effects on our health, on farming and the environment.

With greater financial resources and a bigger team, we’ll be able to grow our organizational capacity to do even more.  Help us get there and you’ll soon see the fruit of your trust in us.

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