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    Church Garden Update: Love Missionary Baptist Church (Jacksonville, FL)

    Earlier this year, our brothers and sisters at Love Missionary Baptist Church were in need of updates to their septic system. This church, which played a major role in the civil rights movement in Jacksonville, was at risk of closure.  This would have left a significant void in the community and the neighbors who depend […]

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    Season Check In: The Masters Touch Ministry (Jacksonville, FL)

    Our Coordinating Committee in Jacksonville, Florida has been thriving as they helped an incredible amount of churches this year battle through the seasonal weather and challenges that come with first year gardens. Let’s check in on how The Masters Touch Ministry finished out their first year with Black Church Food Security Network! Below is an […]

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    Ministry Spotlight: Antioch Baptist Church (Nebraska)

    The Antioch Genesis Community Garden is a ministry of the Antioch Baptist Church created to serve the nutritional and health needs of the congregation and community. The name of the garden serves to encourage all people to return to eating produce straight from the ground as was the case in the garden of Eden in […]

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    Soil to Sanctuary Market: Recaps

    Through the Soil to Sanctuary Market, we partner with congregations to bring miniature farmer’s markets to churches on days that they worship or gather.  Having Black farmers and food business owners selling their items at Houses of Worship provides a mutually beneficial opportunity for growers/producers to tap into a niche’ market and for congregants and […]

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    We just launched our youth program!

    All year, we have been working behind the scenes to formally establish a youth division in our organization.  While young people are always in the picture when it comes to our programming, we felt it necessary to give greater focus to cultivating their genius around food, farming and community.  In addition to founding The Black […]

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